About project

Micro project#10: Promotion of opportunities for the development of youth tourism on the border areas of  Ukraine and Poland

As part of umbrella project № IPBU.03.02.00-76-820/1200 „Joint promotion of tourism opportunities and cultural heritage Lviv region, Subcarpathian and Lublin voivodships“

Implementing by NGO “Associationof supporting developmentofyouthtourism” (Lviv) and NGO “Creative Podlasie” (StowarzyszenieKreatywnePodlasie) (Bialystok, Poland)

The overall aim of the umbrella project – to improve cultural, socio-economical, investment environment in trans-boundary region of Ukraine and Poland through the development of inbound (incoming) and domestic tourism.

Aim of micro-project – creation of favorable informational conditions for the development of youth tourism on the Ukrainian-Polish border with mutual consideration of partner’s experience. Notion “Youth tourism” in the context of implementation of this micro-project includes cycling tourism, hitchhiking, hiking, ecological, historical and regional tourism, which is involved with people under 35.

Specific goals of the micro-project:

  1. Informational support of potential youth tourists;
  2. Encouragement of  representatives of  the local communities to give service for native and foreign youth tourists;
  3. Promotions of trans-border region for the increase of tourist flows.

Achievement of the goals of the micro-project will promote the increase of incoming and domestic youth tourist flows, which would cause positive effect for investment, cultural and economical attractiveness of the region.

Buoyancy of the tourist movement will create conditions for constant development of the territory, will intensify responsible attitude of local authorities to the development of informational and infrastructural components of tourist attractiveness of the border.

Availability of motor roads for domestic and trans-border tourists will cause necessity of preservation in an attractive state cultural, ecological and historical monuments.

Availability of informational service and infrastructural possibilities of tourist routes will increase their attractiveness as for local and border representatives of  youth tourism so for planning and realization “distant” tourist trips, which will increase integration processes of Ukraine and will open it for the Europe.

Materials of the micro-project are a part of umbrella project and will be used for the expansion of tourist possibilities of Ukraine-Poland trans-border region through printed materials and advertising products of the project and a promotion of the created web-page through the social network, mass media and direct contacts.

Micro project provides solution of issues as the result of its realization:

  1. Increasing the data ware of tourist highway and youth tourists
  2. Creating the data base of tourism infrastructure, besides for youth tourism
  3. Rise of interest level of members of local communities in rendering of services for domestic and abroad youth tourists
  4. Conducting tourism and promotional events in cross-border region.

During the project in the target groups can run into the needs and difficulties:

  1. Low level support from local communities in promotional events.
  2. Necessity in visa support for Ukrainian partners.
  3. Low level of mutual knowledge of national languages (including terms).

The micro project accomplishment is actual for regions with its realization according to main development tendency of these regions, which are confirmed by main strategic documents. For example Lviv development strategy (till 2015) has the main aim to stimulate the development of infrastructure of frontier cooperation, especially bilateral programs and tourist routes, the Subcarpathian Development Strategy and The economic and social development strategy of Eastern Poland (till 2020) is one of the eight key strategic areas and it set using of potential and cultural heritage and protection of natural and landscape values, that`s why this micro project is current and directly corresponds to the declared needs of the regions.

Micro project will help to execute statutory aims of target groups (besides the development and formulating the information about tourist resources of Ukraine; popularization of tourism and contribution of its development, realization of national and international importance projects in tourism, the promotion of inbound and out visiting tourism and promoting the development of adequate infrastructure in tourism in the Lviv region, the promotion and popularization of national tourism products among the Ukrainian and foreign tourists), also will raise awareness of the major beneficiaries of infrastructure and regional component of the proposed travel route.